Monday, July 23, 2007

2. Sleepless Night, Fruitfull Discussion

Sylus laid sleepless in his coffin. He lacked the rest he so desperately needed. The previous days events racing through his mind. He questioned the decisions he had been forced to make, went over them again and again in his brain. Had he been the one to so quickly throw away the past several months of his existence by jabbing the dagger deep into the gut of the dark one. Could the dark one have been redeemed as well, should he have tried a different approach, or had it all been a dream?

Deep down he knew this hadn’t been a dream. His actions had been right, his comrades had acted as well, but Sylus had sprung first. He kept telling himself that this was only because of his lightning reflexes, and that he had only gotten there first, that they were already striking as well. But the thought lingered on that they had only struck out of loyalty to him, not that they agreed with the actions. When he would rise from his coffin, Bloodymaiden would still be banished forever, and the Dark Allegiance would still be no more, for better or worse.

Sylus, not prone to restless nights over fallen enemies, wasn’t truly worried about what had transpired, but rather on what lay ahead for him. In the wake of the events Sylus had claimed leadership of those left standing, claiming a new banner would soon fly over the redeemed. Now he had real decisions to make. What were they suppose to rally under now? What direction should they go? Who should they truly follow? Where was their place in the Horde, or Azeroth for that matter? Would the Horde still be accepting of the former members of D.A. once the purpose of the Dark One was known by all? The burden laid heavy on his shoulders, not just mentally, but even physically at this point, his whole body aching like never before. Sylus rolled over trying to grasp a few more minutes of sleep before the morning.

The next morning went on like most, Sylus trying to take a break from his new responsibilities so he could regain his normal composure before facing his newly acquired underlings. Sylus checked his mail, wondering if he had any fortune playing the auctions the previous day. No luck, the box was empty. He then proceeded to his Safety Deposit Box at the bank to gather his needed materials for his enchanting. The Executioner would spend the morning learning new skills and reading lengthy texts containing the true knowledge of Enchantments. This would be a tediously long morning, but he took comfort in the fact that at least his mind would be occupied by something other than the previous days events. Little did he know, events were being set in motion that would forever change his views on leadership, and provide him with the needed direction to lead his comrades.

Sylus was finishing with a text on the properties of mining, and what it takes to increase ones skill through the use of magical gloves, when he sensed he was being watched. He turned from his seat at the bar to see a thin, almost frail looking blood elf turn her gaze from him. She wore the long flowing robes of a warlock, a staff slung across her back, that glowed with the added powers of enchants. From the looks of her, she wasn’t seeking aid from sylus’ enchanting skills. Not being one to avoid situations Sylus gathered his texts, tucked them into his bag, and stood, drawing glances from around the bar.

The Blood elf was still sitting at a table across the room. Sylus approached cautiosly, although lovely, she could be deadly. As he approached the table the blood elf once again gazed at him, a look of amazment coming across her face. Sylus was the first to speek. “ You need to watch yourself, staring at strangers in this town gets some people into trouble.”

At that a giant hulking demon appeared directly behind Sylus, having been summoned to the blodelf’s aid. The stranger spoke up, “ As you can see, I can take care of myself, now are you looking for trouble, or are you looking to bye a girl a drink?”

Sylus sat at the table directly across from his new found associate. "What are you seeking friend, staring at the likes of a foul creature like me doesn’t happen often, in fact we are usually looked down upon by someone of your amazing beauty.”

Coughing from the smoke filled room, the blood elf spoke. “ I am Nelani, I seek to join in the fight of the dark one, I was told you would be able to help me make contact.”

Sylus, in a flurry of emotion, spoke out before thinking. “ The Dark One is no more, and her true nature was revealed to us before we ended her existence." Sylus, realizing he may have revealed too much, loosened the dagger in his belt, moving silently, slowly, as to not draw attention to what was going on below the table.

“You are telling me that the Dark one is no more?” wispered Nelani, almost in disbelief.

“Yes, that is what I am telling you, and if you are an agent of the dark one, sent for retribution, then we need to leave, I don’t want this place coated in the blood of either of us.”

“No, no, you do not understand. I seek not to kill you, if you are truly one who has brought down the dark one, show me proof of your actions.”

Reaching into his bag, Sylus pulled out a rather large rolled up rag. It was obvious something was inside. One end of the bundle was covered in a dried dark red stain, obviously from the blood of something. “I have something in here that I must show you, if you seek proof of the end of the dark one, but I must tell you it is not a pleasant sight, and this is definitely not the place to be flashing something like thiss in, meet me at the west entrance to Orgrammar, just across the bridge. There is a small abandoned house just down the lane, we will meet there. That area is not traveled much, and perfect for this purpose. There I will explain the events of the passt few days to you, and you will know the truth of what has happened. If you seek retribution, come prepared, for I am not an easy adversary to take down.”

1. The End OF Dark Allegiance, The Rise of Day of Reckoning

It was the appropriate time, those not engaged in battle gathered in the Hall of Darkness to receive our orders from the Dark One. Everyone was still taken aback that our leader Bloodymaiden was not present. As happened at the pinnacle of every moon, the Dark One appeared. “The time has come for a new path. Your Mistress is no more. She refused the path I required of her and she has been banished, never to return. Choose my will for you, or you will share the same fate. You will betray the Horde for it has grown weak and complacent, unable to fight the true enemies. On this parchment, I hold the names of the betrayers who shall carry out my orders. We will work from the top down, your first assignment being Thrall himself.” She paused momentarily, opening the scroll. Fikkle, Sylus, Dishman, Garthras, Erzsebet,, Moodles, and Hidanti.

Everyone looked around, knowing what had to be done. The Dark Allegiance had been home for many over the past months, but now it had to end. The Dark One had crossed a line, and his true purposes broke through the cracks in his disguise.
“No,” Sylus hissed defiantly. “Wee willl nott.” Sylus pulled his dagger from his belt and plunged it deep into the chest of the dark one. All in attendance moved swiftly, sensing the actions of each other from many seasons of battling side by side. Daggers, swords, and Dark Magic rained down on the Dark One with the force of a thousand Kodo.

“You will command uss no more,” Sylus hissed at her, “For I shalll be your Executioner one final time, and we are no longer under your swayy.” The Dark One looked upon her once devoted followers, the blood draining from her face. She turned towards her champion, the one forseen to lead her minions to greatness. Her voice failing, she spoke in a quiet, pathetic voice, “And you, Fikkle?”
“I am yours no longer, for the Day of Reckoning is at hand.” The body of the Dark One fell to the ground, the scroll that was once gripped tightly in her hand, rolled across the floor. Sylus turned to his brothers and sisters, speaking in a deep, raspy voice.

“You are not the betrayers, but the redeemed.” Stooping slightly, Sylus pulled the bloodied parchment from the puddle of blood pooling on the floor. “You have all helped uss free ourselves from the occult evil that has plagued uss. Renounce the darknesss and join me in search of glory. We Must redeem ourselves in the eyes of the Horde. This beast, the dark one, had uss fooled. We were set up to destroy the Horde. There must be more evil that has infiltrated the rankss of the Horde, waiting for the proper time to sstrike. We must dedicate ourselvess to finding this evil, and Destroying it, before it destroys uss. Agents of the Alliance, and the demons from other realms will never be safe from our blades! Glory on the battlefield and the riches from the spoils of war will be ours!”

Sylus reached down and drenched his hands in the freshly spilt blood of the Dark One.Using his finger he quickly scratched words onto the back of the scroll. When he finished, he looked upon us and spoke.“Thiss iss the our new purpose, the oath of fealty:

‘You have stood too long in the darkness of night. Through these coming trials you will rise from the ashes, blazing like the morning sun. Pledge an oath and swear your loyalty to this Day. Seek out the evil that has infiltrated the Horde. Glory, fame, riches and victory will fall in it’s place if we keep our eyes on our goal. Tell others that the Day of Reckoning is at hand!’

“We know what musst be done. The Dark Allegiance is no more. A new banner shall soar above the shadowss. All who seeek to purge the unworthy from the Horde, grow in power, fame, glory and riches shall flock to our cause.”

Sylus rolled the scroll and thrust it towards Fikkle. “Fikkle, take thiss new oath. If we are to rise from the ashess to glory once again, I will need you at my sside. Tell others of the evil we sseek to destroy. Redeem those who are willing to renounce the darknesss.” Turning towards his remaining brotherss and sisterss, he spoke more quickly, urgency flooding his tone. “Brotherss, ssisters. We musst rebuild all that has been losst. Go out onto the battlefieldss, into the cryptss and through the townss. Wreak havoc upon our enemiess and let all in Azeroth know that the Day of Reckoning iss coming!”